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New Products - Bluetooth Stereo Speakers - DUO880

Date : 12 October 2015
Title : First Champion Bluetooth Speaker - DUO880
First Champion Bluetooth Speaker - DUO880 is a of high-quality mini theatre which able to play music by streaming with two separate Bluetooth Speakers. DUO880 has two separate Bluetooth speaker in one package, users are able to use the speaker separately or in a pair to enjoy stereo sound effect.

DUO880 is promoting a simple design with aluminum casing and PVC base. Simply, DUO880 only has a LED indicator in front of the speaker to show the power and bluetooth connection state. The power button is deisgn in the bottom of the speaker, just long press to ON / OFF the speaker. DUO880 is built-in a AI (Artificial Intelligence), once the speaker is connected as a pair, user only turn off either one, the an other will also automatically turn off.

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