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New Products - USB-C Cable

Date : 12 October 2015
Title : First Champion USB-C Cable
First Champion launch 4 types of USB-C Cables for the new speciifcation of the USB. The cables are made with the lastest USB specification with Max. 3 Amps current delivery. The cables include:

  • USB-C to USB Adaptors
  • USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • USB-C to USB Cable
  • USB-C to microUSB Cable
  • For the USB-C to USB Adaptors, USB-C to USB-C Cable and USB-C to USB Cable, the cables are made with metallic parts with strong Nylon bardied cable, and available in 3 Colors - Silver, Gold and Grey. Users are able to connect between the USB-C devices and standard USB devices. The USB-C to microUSB Cable which is made by PVC molding with white color.

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