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New Products - MFi Lightning Flash Drives - i2Storage

Date : 27 April 2015
Title : First Champion Lightning Flash Drive - i2Storage
First Champion recently developed a new Lightning USB Flash Drive - i2Storage for iOS devices. i2Stroage is a powerful USB Flash Drives for Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod which has Lightning port and iOS 7.1 or above.

i2Storage is a MFi licensed product by Apple, which made accroding with iPod Accessory protocol specification, and the communication protocol used to interact with iPod, iPhone, and iPad. To work with our App "i-Drive" which could be free download in App sotre, users are able to play music / video, manage files (like view word, Excel, PDF) directly without other Apps. Beside that, i2Storage is also support file encyption, users able to encryted files with password to keep it safe.

i2Storage has 32GB and 64GB capacties avaiable for selection, which is enough storage to backup your photos and video stored in iPhone / iPad / iPod. First Champion provide 2 Years Warranty for the i2Stroage.

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