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New Products - Power Bank MF-9000

Date : 12 October-2014
Title : First Champion Power Bank - MF-9000
Nowadays, smartphones and other mobile devices become a necessary item in our daily life. However, the battery capacity of the mobile devices is not enough to support long time use. To conerce the portability and safety, First Champion launched a new deisgn of Power Bank - MF9000. The Power Bank built-in with 3 battery cells from well-know battery manufactory - SANYO Electric Co., Ltd in Japan.

Being considerate of long charging time, the Power Bank was designed with 1.8A input current. It saved around 40% times to the pwoer bank which has only 1.0A input current. In the quality side, the Power Bank - MF9000 is made of top grade batteries from Japan manufactured by SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Bseided that, the Power Bank is assembled in Taiwan with best quailty control.

As for product structure and safety design, the Power Bank MF9000 has 2 USB ports which enable you to charge two devices at the same time. Maximum total output for the 2 USB ports is 2.1 Amps and this is enough for charging two smartphones. For safety, the Power Bank MF9000 adopted multiple safe protection which includes:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Over charging protection
  • Over current protection
  • Over heat protection
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