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New Products - Screen Protector Film
Date : 30 December 2011
Title : First Champion Screen Protector Film
First Champion introduced a new type of product category in Dec 2011, screen protector films. Nowadays, touch screen cell phones and tablet PCs are more popular than before, how to protect your devices would be your concern. First Champion Screen Protector Film would be one of the best solutions for you.

First Champion Screen Protector Films are made in Taiwan by using materials from Japan. High-tech silicon gel is used in the production process. It is easy to install by every body. 8 types of different materials are available now for selection. We can offer customized film products with any size and any shape which can meet your needs and wants.

  • 1. Hard coating
  • 2. Anti-Glare coating
  • 3. Anti-Fingerprint coating
  • 4. Anti-Reflective coating
  • 5. Anti-Reflective + Anti-Glare coating
  • 6. Privacy coating
  • 7. Anti-Bacterial coating
  • 8. Mirror-like coating
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