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New Products - OTG USB Flash Drive ST30

Date : 12 Dec-2013
Title : First Champion OTG USB Flash Drive ST Series (ST30 - USB3.0)
Nowadays, using mobile devices to take photos and manage files is getting popular. Due to limited storage available in devices, First Champion launched an OTG 3.0 USB Flash Drive -ST30. It is a perfect and convenient solution for you to store and manage files in your mobile devices.

ST30 OTG 3.0 USB Flash Drive is a storage device with a standard USB 3.0 port and a microUSB port. It is suitable for Android devices with microUSB port that supports OTG function. You can operate, manage and edit files directly in OTG USB Flash Drive by your mobile devices. Also, USB 3.0 interface allows you to connect it to desktop or notebook.

To save data transfer time, ST30 used USB 3.0 interface that provides a faster writing and reading speed. In addition, ST30 is made of metal and with slim design. An earphone plug string is included in each package.

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