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New Products - USB Flash Drive TS20 / TS30
Date : 20 Noverber-2011
Title : First Champion USB Flash Drive TS Series (TS20 - USB 2.0 / TS30 - USB3.0)
First Champion launched new USB Flash Drives TS20 and TS30 (USB3.0), which have a plastic casing with carbon fiber-like rhombus pattern. It looks like a shield, but slim and lightweight. To avoid the problem of losing the cap for the USB connector, TS20 and TS30 have a sliding extendable design.

To meet the trend and end-users need, TS30 (USB 3.0) equipped with the new generation USB 3.0 transfer interface which is 5 times faster than USB 2.0 flash drives. TS30 would be one of the best solutions for you to work more efficiently, with faster read and write speed which saves your time.

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