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New Products - Vibration Speaker
Date : 02 April 2013
Title : First Champion Vibration Speaker
On 02 April, 2013, First Champion Vibration Speaker which is a combination of innovation, new concept and fashionable design was introduced. The speaker is made by innovative vibration technology, which makes any 3D objects become your sound boxes.

The key feature of First Champion Vibration Speaker is it allows the vibration pad stick onto any objects like cups, bottles or any boxes. No matter they are of bigger size or smaller size with 3 dimensions, they can be your sound boxes. We aim to provide convenience to users.

Traditional speakers and handsets have troubles for cable storage. To solve this problem, the cable of First Champion Vibration Speaker can be winded up and put inside the vibration speaker. The cable winder could be rotated clockwise or counter clockwise for winding and unwinding.

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